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Location: 19603 Tigris Springs Cir , Katy, TX
Clothing for the entire family, shoes, purses, houseware, and furniture.
Date(s) and Time: August 19, 2017 7am - 12pm
Location: 3621 Silverado Trail, Roanoke, TX
Consolidating 3 bedroom house to go to trailer in the country. All things needed to start a new home
Date(s) and Time: August 17-19, 2017 9am - 1pm
Location: 21722 Manitou Falls Lane, Katy, TX
Tons of kids clothes ages 2yrs-8yrs. Lots of unused gift items/toys/decorations/clothes
Date(s) and Time: August 19, 2017 7am - 1pm
Location: 13918 Smitherman Rd, Houston, TX
Lots of stuff
Date(s) and Time: August 18-19, 2017 7am - 2:30pm
Location: 1306 Planatation Dr, Southlake, TX
Downsizing - Lots of Decor Pieces & Furniture
Date(s) and Time: August 18-19, 2017 8am - 3pm
Location: 8407 Greenbush Street, Houston, TX
Moving/Garage Sale in Houston! Some excellent items to be found!
Date(s) and Time: August 19, 2017 9am - 3pm
Location: 255 DOUBLE OAK DRIVE, Lewisville, TX
We have furniture, clothing, kitchen items, kids' items, tools, appliances, a lawn mower & more!
Date(s) and Time: August 19-20, 2017 8am - 2pm
Location: 5900 MEADOWGLEN DR, Argyle, TX
Your price $350.00, retail $650.00
Date(s) and Time: June 28 - August 28, 2017 1pm - 12am

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